Sleeps Up To Six …

The cottage is designed around four independent adults sharing the space.

We welcome up to 4 adults and 4 children at an time, or up to three couples. You have the set up of:

  • A bedroom with a¬†queen size¬†double bed.
  • The mezzanine loft, with a double bed and two single futons.
  • A futon- sofa in the downstairs living room.

How you organise your sleeping is up to you. All beds have duvets, sheets, pillows and extra blankets and are ready to snuggle into upon your arrival.

It is perfect for two couples, one occupying the upstairs mezzanine loft, the other in the cozy bedroom.

It is also great for families, traditional and patchwork constellations. You can put the kids upstairs and have big people downstairs. If you are two single parent families sharing, again you can arrange the sleeping as best suits you.