Our Nature Reserve

Pistyllgwyn-2print&frame 2Derwen Cottage is situated at Pistyllgwyn. It means ‘white waterfall’, or ‘a gushing spout of white water’, and the sound of running water is constantly in the background. Boundaried by rushing streams to East and West, and the river Cothi to the South, Pistyllgwyn land feels like an island. The house,(where your hosts live), the barn ( which can be available to hire), and Derwen Cottage are nestled beneath a hill on one side of stunning Cwm Cothi, with views across to ancient oak woodland and a burial mound outlined on the horizon. The Cothi changes character throughout the year, slow in summer with green and yellow light, fast and dancing in full flood, glacial turquoise bedrock in the winter. The Pistyllgwyn land has been managed with  environmental and wildlife conservation principles for the last 30 years and is a haven for native wild flowers, trees and wildlife.

We want you to come, from wherever you live, to enjoy being surrounded by such a rich and vibrant environment of nature, fresh air and peace.